Schools Desperately Need Technology PD (Parent Development)

Our school has embraced BYOD from 4-12 grades. In order to support this initiative the divisions are also including parents in the training. This year the divisions, through the Center for Teaching Excellence have offered numerous ways for parents to learn more about technology, thus supporting student learning at home as well as at school. Here is a synopsis of the Technology Parent Development Program, including resources.

Parent Coffees, in Lower School and Middle School each month covering the following topics:

  • Digital Citizenship & Online Research
  • Family Media Management
  • Using Social Networks to Support Learning and Community Building
  • Digital Creation
  • Video to Support Learning at Home
  • Gaming and Online Worlds
  • RSS, Wikis, Blogs and Podcasting
  • Changes and Challenges Facing Education Today

Divisons also offer specific training for parents at Thursday Morning Parent Tech Trainings so that they can better understand how to use the devices their family owns and therefore support their child’s learning. Topics covered have included:

  • Syncing devices
  • Managing security settings
  • App selection and installation, including sites such as Appitic
  • Using Google Docs to streamline PA (parent association) tasks
  • Overview of technology resources on campus and how to use them, including the ASF website
  • Using Common Sense Media to help them develop a family technology plan
  • Using EasyBib for citing references
  • Using the DLC Pinterest Boards to access over 100 boards dedicated to teaching and learning, intended for both teachers and parents

Some of the apps that have been shared with parents include:

The Center for Teaching Excellence in conjunction with the divisions is in the process of developing a proposal for Parent Technology Boot Camps.

Finally,  we always looks for ways to share positive uses of technology so parents can begin to assuage their own fears. Here is a wonderful example of a video illustrating how we can empower students to take control of their own PLN.


iPhone Application Developer… and 6th Grader: Thomas Suarez

Please share your thoughts and ideas regarding the role of parents with technology in your schools.


One thought on “Schools Desperately Need Technology PD (Parent Development)

  1. This is such an awesome example of how to include parents into the technology integration process…you all are doing so much…Parent Coffees and Tech Trainings. Getting parents involved in a way that helps them understand why technology is so important, assuage their fears, and help them develop their own skills is critical and your school seems to have figured out exactly how to do that! Bravo!

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